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 Welcome to Blue FM

                         Thank you for listening to Blue FM !


   We changed the broadcasting server....

  The server is (Korean Sever)

 When you connect to " ",

you can listen to the Blue FM music any time

even if the server IPs are changed to the others ...


 BueFM has a special player for listening online.

We've added new players with a new technology that allows wonderful sound quality,

while allowing us to serve unlimited amounts of listeners (no more "serverfull" messages or

buffer will ever happen).

It requires a FREE plug-in that works with your ALREADY installed Windows Media player.

To listen you need to install our plug-in once and start enjoying BlueFM.

Web Player 64k (use this link for best sound)

Click here to listen at 64kbps with our web player

Web Player 32k (lower sound but still good)

Click here to listen at 32kbps with our web player

Windows Media Player 64k

Click on the imageto listen at 64kbps with Windows Media

Windows Media Player 32k

Click on the image to listen at 32kbps with our web player

Winamp 128K